Wachusett Entertainment Blog: Funk for Your Flow

Caraher is a member of Funkatronic, a band that fuses improvisational jams rooted in funk and jazz with electronic flourishes. And in his solo shows, Caraher tries to capture that same broad spirit.

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Providence Phoenix: Into the Groove

The 2010 Best Music Poll nominees announcement is fast approaching, but we do know all of the '09 victors will return to defend their titles, including jazz/funk reigning champs Funkatronic, who are looking for a three-peat. Paul Caraher (guitar/occasional vocals) and brother Justin (drums) were born and raised in the music mecca of Nashville, but their affinity for jazz, funk, and the jam band scene eventually lured the aspiring duo north. In 2001, they relocated to Providence, which they considered a central locale to set up shop and kick out the jams.

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Brothers Justin and Paul Caraher, collectively known as Funkatronic, infuse jazz, rock, electronica and a dash of jam-band to create a sound wholly their own. The result -- as their name hints at -- is almost too funky for words.

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Funkatronic's playing is sharp and tight.  It's amazing how much music they can make but it makes sense since they are brothers.  Their sound is as big and full as bands twice their size. Great party band!

-- Josh Shear, Reminder Metrowest

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Friday night you can groove out to the "funkatronicizing" classic dance tracks that the duo Funkatronic have put their signature on.  From Sugar Hill's "Rapper's Delight" to George Clinton's "Atomic Dog," these guys don't miss a beat -- literally... The four song sampler they sent me is really fun stuff, and I can't imagine that these guys take themselves too seriously, although when it comes to the music they aren't fooling around.  Having stayed up too late Sunday night in a cable-TV channel-clicking vortex, I assure you I was in no mood Monday morning to muster up much enthusiasm for anything.  But as I listened to Funkatronic in the car, the cobwebs started to clear.

--Aimsel Ponti, Portland Press Herald

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They are a funktronica duo of siblings with loads of rep when it comes to bringing some heart to funk rock.  Whether they are burrowing into a Miles Davis riff or flying out into grooves galore, their stuff is well coordinated.

--Jim Macnie, Providence Phoenix