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From their site: As the leading provider of tour dates, information, reviews, articles and links for thousands of improvisational bands worldwide, JamBase has evolved into the community hub for our ever-growing scene of music. Covering every derivative of rock, jazz, funk, trancefusion, bluegrass and live electronica, JamBase strives to break down barriers between musical genres and provide a daily resource for musicians and fans alike.


From Arts 4 All People: AS220 is an egalitarian enterprise where art, music, food and community building go hand in hand. It attracts characters beyond the imagination of TV scriptwriters and has helped breathe life into a once ominous stretch of downtown Providence. Its credo — and mantra still — was that art should be unjuried and uncensored. It remains a place where any artist in Rhode Island, professional or amateur, can exhibit.

Electric Co.

From their site: Located in Utica's brewery district, The Electric Company is the place to go to find cutting edge music in a warm, relaxed environment. The bar has a classic feel with brick walls, all wood floors and tiffany lamps around the bar. There are over 40 stools at the bar and there is plenty of room to dance and enjoy the music -- enjoy the space!

Orbis Rex

From their site: Orbis Rex is an instrumental quartet hailing from Providence, Rhode Island that consists of sax, guitar, drums, and bass. Over the last year, they have indulged their audience in a vast array of original music, taking cues from modern groove, funk and jazz artists.

Forward Hall

A room with bands and a bar plus a quiter room... with a bar. 'Nuff said.

Uncle Everett

Need a 40-piece funk band? Uncle Everett breaks out that much funk and more, and they only need nine guys to do it. Brassier than Mae West.

Grizzly Magic

Jam band promoter and resource in Rhode Island. Definitely a mecca if the jam scene is your thang.